Anat Zamir majored in textile design at the Shenkar School, and in gold crafts at the "Omanit" school. In the past she worked in large companies as a fashion designer, designing and purchasing textile.

As a child, Anat used to collect picture books and art items. She had a passion for beautiful things and favored items with a complex design.  In designing old jewelry, she fulfills her old passion, by using and combining various materials.  The purse collection is made out of fabric and leather. The process of creating a purse begins with searching for special leathers that have gone through various processes, such as an interesting dying or abrasion, or Jacquards with embroidery from India. The purse is made while experimenting with leather and fabric.
This eclectic collection includes, among other things, a purse with a square handle in all colors of the rainbow, or a bracelet-purse with a wooden handle. These are suitable for a coquette wear and complete the coquette appearance.
Oppositely, there are purses that create a nonchalant, grunge look, a combination between "used", rubbed leather, and ruff- looking buckles. The retro purses are made out of leather and fabric, with a clutch style closure.

In the jewelry collection, Anat experimented with string-fabrics, combined with noble metals such as gold and silver. The contrast between the soft fabric and the stiff metal creates jewels that combine fashion and gold crafting, with a unique and powerful look.

I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it. (Mae West, US movie actress)